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AutoCREW - Electronic P.O.B & Muster System
AutoCREW is an IT based solution that automates accountability of Personnel on Board (POB) or Personnel on Premise, in a single location, or company wide. In addition the system tracks in real time, attendance at gathering points or muster points during drills or emergency evacuations.
Man Overboard Systems
The SeaMarshall AU9 dive unit is an ideal solution  for any lost or missing diver.  Rated to 50 metres depth with light and strobe alarm, this unit will provide a directional bearing to any 121.5 Mhz base unit within range.
The MateSaver is designed to reach, secure, and lift a MOB from water. The MateSaver is rated ti lift up to 150KG and conforms to LOLER at Sea and SOLAS requirements.
Reach and Rescue
The Reach & Rescue systemis designed to avoid Seach and Rescue Personnel entering the water, ice, or mud and to quickly provide a method of reaching and securing a victim.
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