About Us

Our mission is to reduce risk in the marine and energy sectors
by providing the best solution with the highest standard of integrity and customer service.


Marine Rescue Technologies (MRT) is a privately held company established in 2003 and located in Sebastian, Florida.

MRT distributes marine safety equipment approved by United States Coast Guard, the EU Marine Equipment Directive and SOLAS/IMO. In addition, MRT focuses on man overboard alerts, alarms, locators and retrieval systems that exceed local safety requirements and have been widely adopted by leaders in safety. Marine Rescue Technologies is an ISO 9001 Certified company for distribution including design and development.

MRT offerings include the highest quality marine safety and rescue systems available. Our recommendation for a rescue solution is based on the end users perceived risk, mitigation objectives and our own experiences. We sell security and peace of mind that when these rescue systems are installed, and employees are properly trained, the risk of a serious man over board event will decrease significantly.

MRT is a great listener; Our AutoCrew System (ACMS) has been designed and deployed based on end user feedback and our rigorous requirements identification process. After conducting site surveys and market research we created a specification that offered end users a clear alternative and superior solution to existing POB system providers. The design objectives were clear, web based (cloud), holistic in approach, non-proprietary hardware, and open architecture for true interoperability. Our design team proudly introduced multiple first-ever features to the automatic POB/Muster market, including bunk management, multi-lingual interface, and certificate tracking.

We have great experience and success in collaborating with our customers and strive for continuous improvement in our products and service offerings. We aim to bring the best value and solution to our customers.

MRT is proudly led by founder and owner Michael Ritchie, VP Marine Rescue Technologies. Michael has a strong record of international business management, expert consulting, and executive leadership. In his 15 years in the industry, he has earned respect and admiration from customers and competitors alike. The core advisors for the company include Michael Ritchie, Darryl Jackman, and Andy Nicholson.