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Product Information:
This small portable transmitter can be worn on the vest during a dive and is water resistant to more than 100 meters. In the event of a diver being separated from his "Buddy" or dive group, the easyRESCUE-DIVE is activated by the diver on the water's surface. Via VHF radio the dive boat receives detailed information regarding the exact GPS position of the diver along with his/her Course Over Ground (COG) and Speed Over Ground (SOG) if he/she is in a current. This information is updated every minute.
Product Dimensions:
Height(mm): 32
Height(cm): 3.2
Height(inch): 1.26
Height(feet): 0.1

Width(mm): 76
Width(cm): 7.6
Width(inch): 2.99
Width(feet): 0.25

Length(mm): 128
Length(cm): 12.8
Length(inch): 5.04
Length(feet): 0.42

Weight(lb): 0.84
Weight(kg): 0.38
Weight(gr): 380